Zorro’s Hoof Update

It’s been about 6 weeks since I first put the 24/7 Equine Fusion boots on Zorro. He had one week in that time in which he didn’t wear them because one fell off, otherwise they’ve been on 24/7!

The changes I’m seeing are really quite wonderful. He is finally starting to grow some heel! I didn’t do much today aside from rasping his toe area a little bit. He had a lot of old sole that wanted to flake out so I took that. I didn’t trim his frogs and only lightly rasped the seat of the corn to level them, but not to take any height off there. I think things are looking really good!

Zorro’s Right Front. I love how the bars are straightening! He is developing a nice shape of foot. It’s losing that roundness.
Zorro’s Left Front. I love the how wide his heel buttress is getting! And this foot is also developing a better shape as well.
The Left Front. This is the foot that lost the boot. He had that chip in the toe quarter and it’s now gone! I love how the back of his foot is filling in and not pulling down and under his foot anymore.
The Right Front. You can see that he still has too much toe that is pulling the foot, but because he has been wearing the boot that heel is allowed to actually grow and not wear away. I love how it’s looking!

I can’t get any more use out of the 24/7’s not because they ran out of tread but because the leather uppers won’t hold up to any more gluing.



So today I put the old Easy Boot Minis on him. I don’t like to use those for 24/7 use because they hold all the moisture and create an environment ripe for thrush, but I want him to keep growing that heel. I padded the boots with felt hoping that helps some with moisture. Then I taped them closed with athletic tape.

I loved using the 24/7’s because they have a drain hole in the bottom and they did not ever trap moisture. His feet look fantastic after wearing them for so long!


So my experiment totally worked! I promised my Handsome Hubby that I wouldn’t buy any more boots for now, but I will be getting the 24/7’s again later and using them for Zorro. I may try a different glue next time. The glue that you get from Equine Fusion is really interesting, kind of stretchy and foamy, but it doesn’t seem to hold up well. I am interested to see if the Vettec glue will work a bit better and last longer. Especially since we will be driving next summer!

Zorro after I glued his boots on last time!


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