I have to brag on Zorro a little bit. It seems like he gets lost in the shuffle on line but never here on the farm! He is a real and true unicorn and knows how special he is. I just love him so much!

His mama is Sky and his daddy is Cal an Arenosa bred Shetland Pony double registered in AMHR. Sky is 37″ tall (at the withers) and Cal is 35″ tall (at the last mane hair). Zorro measures 40″ tall and I am so happy about that! I have always liked my minis big and my ponies small and he is the perfect size for driving.

Zorro this summer. He is so handsome!

Sky the first summer she was here.

Cal during his show career.

This pony has been such a super star. He was a little tricky to halter train because he hated anything on his head, but once we figured a way around that he takes to literally everything I ask him to do. Most things I can do at liberty with him because he is completely unafraid and so willing.

I started his ground driving at liberty last winter. We practiced “walk” and “whoa” and staying straight when I asked for him to stand still. He will RUN to be ahead of me when I am pushing the wheel barrow or pulling the sled in the winter. Ground driving him with the halter and long lines, and then the bridle and long lines was so easy!

The first time I put the harness on him was for a photo shoot and video and he just stood there practically falling asleep!

He was in his first parade this year and took it all in stride. Sky was racing around like a true maniac and made me sweat my ass off, but Zorro just walked along with my friend Teresa as though he had been doing parades his whole life. If little kids wanted to pet him he would stand so quietly and let them. He actually loves to be petted and snuggled and is like a very fluffy teddy bear.

He is the horse I haul as a companion when we have to go to the vet because he is so calm and quiet in the trailer. He hauls well alone and with others. And he will persist and persist to be friends with every single horse I bring here, no matter how long it takes! He always wins their heart in the end and can be seen grooming with even the grumpiest of mares.


Then I had this great idea that he should come be a photo prop for my niece’s photo shoot this fall. She wanted a unicorn and I wanted him to wander around my neighbors ranch, reading books, being a unicorn and crossing the bridge over the rushing creek, crossing the irrigation ditch with water in it and just hanging out while we shot all kinds of photos. He did everything perfectly. My cousin commented that it was so nice to lead a horse around that never hesitated at anything and just followed along so quietly. If we were standing around discussing something or I was shooting madly away he would just hang out and graze. If we dropped his lead rope while we were busy with something he would just stay with us and follow along. And of course he wore his unicorn horn like the unicorn he is! And when the big horses at the ranch were afraid of him and snorting and running all around, he just stood there and watched them quietly. He is such a sport!

We are getting ready for him to be hitched to the travois right now! He is pretty much ready but has had a month off while I focused on Mikey. So now I will get him going consistently so he can move into the travois and then the cart. I am so excited to finally see him driving!


Pictures from our walk today!

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