Snow, Snow, Snow!!!

Most of Montana is dealing with this huge snow storm right now. Snow, snow, snow and below zero temps. At first it was all fun and games. Now it’s just work. The Cat would not start for the last three days. So for the last two days we’ve had it plugged in. It finally started today and so we started the snow removal.




We had to go out and try to dig ourselves out. The snow in our driveway was anywhere from 18 inches to 3 feet deep. The drift in front of our gate right beside the main road was nearly hip deep to me.



This is my 6’1″ son! Both of the boys were out trying to dig their cars out. Then I had them go shovel snow off my hay stack. My hay tarps have bit the dust. The weight of the snow has ripped nearly every single tarp on my stack. Sigh. The snow had piled up several feet.





The ponies are stuck at this end of the track. Everything is drifted out there. Back by the hay stack the snow is over the top of the cattle panels and the shed panels. Those are 6 feet tall. It’s crazy back there!! If the ponies made the dash through the belly deep snow they could absolutely walk over the fences back there. So I’m glad they don’t like to flail around in the deep snow.




Samson LOVES the snow but even he is feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of it all! Angus didn’t come out with us.


The cats mostly hole up in the old chicken house or in the boxes that I have stuffed with blankets on the porches. RJ was happy to have the boys out playing in the snow today. He was climbing all over them when they were lazing around.


And Handsome Hubby just moved snow and moved snow and moved snow…


And I took pictures of the surroundings.

Our house!
The road. There is a ditch there but you can’t really make it out…
The ranch fence line. That is a 5′ tall fence.

Then the Cat died and would not start. All four of us grabbed shovels and finished moving the snow on the driveway by hand. Then I ran to town to get some gas for the Cat. I got stuck in the driveway when I got home so we had to dig my Tahoe out again. It has snowed so much between me leaving for town and getting back home!


We put some more gas in the Cat and it started long enough to drive it back over by the house, but died before we could get it back into it’s spot. So there is sits. Sigh. It was not out of gas. We don’t know what’s wrong with it.

So things are a bit crazy around here and it looks like it’s going to stay that way for a few weeks. Winter is definitely not going out like a lamb this year…


    1. It’s just so darn expensive every time we have to have repairs done on that thing! LOL! I don’t think we can afford to run it anymore… But at least we were able to get out. Craig had to work. The boys are hoping to go skiing tomorrow. I’m not sure if we’ll be able to but we are going to try!

  1. Wow Mindy. Amazing snow photos. Hard to imagine living in that. I live in Australia where many people rug their horses when it is just a little cool. They say that Australia is the country that over-rugs horses. How do the ponies manage in the cold?

    1. The ponies do just fine in the cold! They barely seem to notice it at all. They grow such thick winter coats and have hay 24/7, they have wind breaks and seem very happy. Though I know they would rather have more room to stretch their legs right now. We are supposed to warm up to the mid twenties this week, but will be getting more snow. Sigh.

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