Cranky mare!

Sigh. I have been feeling very cranky lately. Today I am feeling the ultimate cranky. Everything is rubbing me the wrong way and either making me feel stressed or frustrated. Do you ever feel like everything is just piling up and you can’t get ahead!?

The snow won’t stop falling. The temperature seems to LIKE sitting at -14. Our Bobcat, that we bought to help keep ahead of the snow, will not start. We have been stuck in our very own driveway several times in the last week. The wind blew for nearly 3 weeks straight. The bright spot in my life the last two days has been the sun shining and the wind not blowing. My ponies have been sleeping A LOT to catch up on all the missed sleep during the storm. It’s so hard to relax with the wind howling 24/7.

All over Facebook I have been seeing minis and ponies harnessed incorrectly, pulling loads that are unbalanced with harness that isn’t adjusted correctly or doesn’t even fit the pony it’s on. It’s so heart breaking to see this. I try to never offer suggestions on harness fit and vehicle balance if they aren’t asking. This is from years of putting my foot in my mouth and hurting people’s feelings. But when is it time to step in and save the poor pony? And why do people put ego before the safety and comfort of their pony? It just hurts my heart to see that. AND right now it makes me feel crankier. LOL.

mikeyworkingThe comfort and safety of my ponies is always #1 in my mind when I am driving. I worry about them and check to make sure everything is adjusted as perfectly as I can make it. I start a drive then stop and readjust the harness. Change the balance on my vehicle, sometimes turn around and go home so I can get the tools out and make the adjustment that I need to make on my cart to make my pony’s job as easy as I can. The terrain is challenging enough, let alone making them work with an unbalanced cart or an ill fitting harness.zorrpullingsledinnewcollar

img_9746 2

IMG_0063I try things. This part of the harness doesn’t seem to working? Then I’ll trade it for another piece of harness, a different saddle, a different breast collar. I am so lucky in that I have access to lots of things to try, to switch to. But I have spent many years and lots of money getting here! When I share here I am hoping to save someone some money and some time. BUT the things I share here are my opinions. They are not set in stone. And just because something works for me doesn’t mean it will work for you. But please do pay attention to your pony and if they are having trouble change something. They do so much for us and have such big hearts it’s the least we can do.


They will work through the discomfort and try their hearts out… until they just can’t anymore.


  1. Oh, Cranky Mindy, I know how you feel. We have had a particularly hard winter here in Ontario, Canada. Our problem has been in the fluctuating temperatures. Up and down, up and down, one minute snow, next minute freezing rain with ice everywhere, back to snow, then more ice. And the winds this winter have been wicked cold. I haven’t been able to do anything with my minis since December because of the treacherous footing. My little ones are very antsy and bored. Unlike you, I do not get cranky, but feel so restless and bored, suffering from major cabin fever. Just getting to and from the barn each day, traversing the treacherous icy footing and doing the bare minimum to care for the horses, has been a feat in itself. I am so tired of being frozen to death. I can’t wait for some warmer temperatures so I can spend some quality time with my babies.
    I have been enjoying reading all your information regarding harnesses etc. Please keep up the good work, it’s interesting and very informative. Roll on Spring!

  2. Dear Cranky Mindy – Even when feeling cranky you are always a bright spot! Even when the sun is not shining, the show is overwhelming, the temperature is -14* you are a shiny bulb on the horizon. I’m glad you share your ideas and wisdom about your ponies. It’s valuable to me.

  3. I don’t know how you do it. I’ve been steadily moving south my entire adult life! Any farther and I’ll be in Mexico, because I’m not a fan of snow or cold weather. If you ever see pictures of me doing something incorrectly ESPECIALLY with harness, hitching, or cart balance let me know! I value the knowledge!

    1. Thank you Monica! I love living here even with the snow 🙂 My Hubby… not so much! LOL! I’m sure I will die in Montana, but hopefully not too soon… LOL!!

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