Trailer Before & After

If you have been following my blog for very long you know I LOVE before & afters! Even when it comes to things like horse trailers 😉

I always have my hubby take me for a ride in my trailer every spring before I haul my ponies in it. Just to see if I need to tighten things up, what’s rattling? What’s loose? What do I need to have fixed?

So of course I did the same with my new miniature horse trailer! The video below will show you the before, the middle and the after of all my work to manage the banging and rattling and just plain noise that was happening. It’s already scary for the ponies to get into a trailer. If it’s loud and rattle-y that can sometimes make a hard to load pony an impossible to load pony.

**Disclaimer! Just because I do this with my trailers does not mean you have to. I don’t judge if your trailer is rattle-y. If your horses load like a dream and don’t mind the noise then great! No judgement here 🙂

Here are a few photos of what I did to help with the noise:

I wrapped the handles with foam and then covered them with electrical tape. I wrapped any chain that might rattle with electrical tape.
I painted the slots that the dividers hook into with Flex Seal, it’s a rubber type product. This was the second coat. Today I put the third coat on and it’s nice and thick and black. THIS really helped with the rattling!
The chain across the door has a pool noodle on it 🙂
Shims in the walls, shims in the door panel. I didn’t have to shim the ceiling because it’s got a good seal. But these areas were very loud when we went over bumps because the metal gets to vibrating. I added more shims after I did the video above as well!


Mikey and Zorro were watching my every move the last few days as I worked on the trailer. Then when I take them out they want to go take a look. LOL! Today when I went in and got Zorro, Mikey was putting the halter in his mouth. He really wanted me to catch HIM! I love that. I have to wrestle the halter away from the ponies I don’t want to catch 😉

Right now I am very happy with how the trailer is hauling down our very bumpy road. It’s just so darned exciting!!

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