Who this blog is for

This blog is for those looking for a simpler, easier way to care for their horses. Those of us who own horses on a tight budget. Those looking for something a bit more natural, both when caring for their horses and when interacting with them. This blog is for those looking for a different way to be with their horses.

Where to start

The best place to start is with the pages Nutrition, Essential Oils and Natural Horsemanship. These pages give a nice overview of what I share here.

Who am I?

When I was little I wanted to BE a horse when I grew up. To say I’m passionate about horses is a drastic understatement. I literally GREW UP on the backs of horses. (And a few ponies!)

Over the years I went from playing around with my horses and ponies to showing them. I enjoyed showing when I was younger but as I got older I got tired of the expectations and pressure that showing puts on both me and my horses. So now I have horses because they keep me sane.

The last 5 years have been an emotional roller coaster. If you spend some time reading my blog you will watch me take a yearling Curly Horse from barely halter broke to being a fantastic trail horse. You will also witness my complete and total emotional and physical breakdown. Having two broken arms in one 6 month period took a toll on my confidence. My Handsome Hubby watched me sob my heart out on a daily basis because I felt so inadequate. I was scared to ride my horse. And after some contemplation I knew that I didn’t even like riding anymore. Billy was a young horse with so much to offer and I knew that I couldn’t keep him as a hiking partner as it just wasn’t fair to him. So I found him a new home and nursed a broken heart all summer.

However my awesome Handsome Hubby could see that NOT having a horse wasn’t an option so he reminded me how much I LOVE miniature horses. It was that old saying… “When God closes a door, he opens a window.” I am surrounded by the most loving and kind family and friends and through them I gathered the BEST miniature horses around me to help heal my broken heart and my crushed confidence.


Our shadows

Below are some posts from this blog that I feel describe both my journey and myself the best. I am dedicated to studying horses, horse care, and natural horsemanship so I can be a better partner for my horses, which ultimately makes me a better mother and wife as well. It’s amazing how great horsemanship trickles into every part of your life.




Advice or Shaming

The Process