Who this blog is for

Over the last year this blog has evolved from a blog dedicated to helping people find a simpler way to care for their horses into a blog that is dedicated to helping people understand driving, the harness, the cart and the horse. It is still for those of us who own horses on a tight budget. It is still for those of us looking for something more natural when caring for horses and interacting with them. It has been evolving however and I suspect it will continue to evolve.

I do still share a bit about using essential oils on horses as well as finding a more natural way to feed our horses, especially the native type ponies, otherwise known as, easy keepers.

It’s important to remember that everything I share here is my opinion. These are things that have worked for me, or have NOT worked. I share the good, the bad and the ugly here in the hopes that something I share will help someone else. But always keep in mind that the things I talk about are my feelings and my opinions. They are not hard facts as I am not a scientist.

Where to start

The best place to start is with the pages Driving, Essential Oils and Laminitis. My beautiful little Bonnie has been struggling with Insulin Resistance and laminitis over this past year and a half. This is part of why the blog has been evolving. The pages mentioned above will give you a nice overview of what this blog is about.

Who am I?

When I was little I wanted to BE a horse when I grew up. To say I’m passionate about horses is a drastic understatement. I literally GREW UP on the backs of horses. (And a few ponies!)

Over the years I went from playing around with my horses and ponies to showing them. I enjoyed showing when I was younger but as I got older I got tired of the expectations and pressure that showing puts on both me and my horses. So now I have horses because they keep me sane.

When my hubby and I had our farm, which was right beside my parents and grandparents, we always had around 30-35 ponies, large and small. I had LOTS of practice trimming hooves, feeding and managing horses of all types. So much of what I talk about has been learned over the years. I know that people put a lot of importance on the amount of TIME someone has been managing, training and being around horses so if that is important to you then you will like to know that I am 41 years old (to be 42 this year) and have been on or around horses since the day I came home from the hospital.

**As an aside here… some of the BEST horseman that I know have not been around horses their entire lives. In fact some have only had horses 10-15 years and they are far more knowledgeable than I about horsemanship and the thoughts of a horse. So the amount of time someone has been around horses is not always the first thing I ask. All too often someone has spent a lifetime practicing things the ‘wrong’ way so time isn’t the best measure, in my opinion.

The last 5 years have been an emotional roller coaster. If you spend some time reading my blog you will watch me take a yearling Curly Horse from barely halter broke to being a fantastic trail horse. You will also witness my complete and total emotional and physical breakdown. Having two broken arms in one 6 month period took a toll on my confidence. My Handsome Hubby watched me sob my heart out on a daily basis because I felt so inadequate. I was scared to ride my horse. And after some contemplation I knew that I didn’t even like riding anymore. Billy was a young horse with so much to offer and I knew that I couldn’t keep him as a hiking partner as it just wasn’t fair to him. So I found him a new home and nursed a broken heart all summer.

However my awesome Handsome Hubby could see that NOT having a horse wasn’t an option so he reminded me how much I LOVE miniature horses. Which reminded me that my first passion has always been driving! It was that old saying… “When God closes a door, he opens a window.” My ponies came to my current home and we started all over. Over the last year there has been some shifting around of ponies and I am now the happiest owner of Bonnie, Sky and Zorro. All three bring something different to our little farm and all three make me laugh every day.

*Edited to add: Bonnie had to be put down on June 26th. I can not bring myself to remove her from this page so I will just add Mikey. I still only have 3 minis/ponies, but Bonnie is still here in my heart. I miss her every single day.

Mikey came to live with us a week before I had to put Bonnie down. He came in like a lion and has stayed a lion! LOL! He is bossy and busy and anxious, but I keep hoping that he will settle in and calm down and blend better with Sky and Zorro. Zorro is a persistent guy and insists that Mikey be his friend, so they eat together and groom each other and sleep together. Finally, but it took quite a bit of work on Zorro’s part to win Mikey over.

Here is Mikey!


Below are some posts from this blog that I feel describe both my journey and myself the best. I am dedicated to studying horses, horse care, and natural horsemanship so I can be a better partner for my horses, which ultimately makes me a better mother and wife as well. I am a constant student of the horse. I feel that everyday is an opportunity to learn something new.

I want it all!

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