My Horses

**This blog started out being about my Curly Horse. If you read the About Me page you will see how that all changed.

Years ago I had a small family farm called The Ladybug Farm. I raised, trained and showed miniature horses. Life happened and we had to relocate and find homes for our ponies. Now, I have had the opportunity to bring minis back into my life and am lucky enough that my Mom and Grandmother kept a few of our favorite horses!

I love these guys so much. They are all four helping me to heal and they bring me so much joy. I laugh and laugh whenever I am out with them.

I encourage you to learn more about miniature horses. One of my favorite websites packed full of information is L’il Beginnings.

This blog is not about the history of minis so I won’t go into that here, but I do hope you enjoy seeing what we are up to and reading about the products that I am trying out!



Sky is the Mama around here. My two boys, Captain Planet and Zorro, are her sons. She is a beautiful 36″ tall mare with two bright blue eyes. She has earned many blue ribbons in halter, obstacle and driving. We used to drive her in many parades. She has been hanging around being a pasture … Continue reading Sky


Bonnie is a beautiful 5 year old Appaloosa mare, around 38″ tall, with two blue eyes. I’m super excited about this mare. Since I brought her home I have been working to prove that I am a good partner, trustworthy and kind. She is really coming around and with more time and energy put towards … Continue reading Bonnie


Zorro is Sky’s baby from 2015. His sire is KLS Pistolero, a 100% Arenosa, AMHR/ASPC miniature horse stallion, who was a National Top Ten Halter horse. Zorro is a striking silver dun with two bright blue eyes. He has the dark dun points on his hocks, knees and ears. He is a very handsome fella … Continue reading Zorro

Captain Planet

Captain Planet is Sky’s son from 2008. He’s a dun gelding, 35″ tall. He is adorable and gets along with anyone and everyone. He is our farm mascot and our beloved pet. Captain is looking really good this year. Since I put in the tiny horse track he is has rounded in all the best … Continue reading Captain Planet