Bonnie is a beautiful 5 year old Appaloosa mare, around 38″ tall, with two blue eyes.



bonnieinbootsSONY DSC

I’m super excited about this mare. Since I brought her home I have been working to prove that I am a good partner, trustworthy and kind. She is really coming around and with more time and energy put towards building her confidence I know she will make a great driving mare. We have a ways to go, but my timeline is her timeline so there is no hurry.

She has gone from a known “hard-to-catch” mare, to the first horse to come to me when I head out there! I’d say that is a GREAT start.

This mare is SMART! She catches on quickly and is eager to please. If she understands what I’m asking she is very willing to do it. If she says NO then I know that I’ve asked the question wrong or asked the wrong question. I really love this mare!

She came to me a bit thin with hooves in dire need of trimming. After being on the Crypto Aero feed all summer she has really come around. Her feet look fantastic as do her hair coat and her muscling.

The girls and I walk 2-3 times a week 4-6 miles. Sometimes we stay on the road and sometimes we go off roading, free wheeling through the sage bushes and climbing rocks! Bonnie absolutely loves hiking and cutting her own trail.

Bonnie has had some health issues this winter and then had a reaction to her vaccinations in March resulting in a laminitic episode. So she’s been trying to get healthy and heal. It’s a slow road but I am confident that she will be 100% sound again and then we can get on with our driving training.


She is a beautiful mare and so so sweet. She’s been handling everything like a much older and wiser horse. And she has become much more trusting throughout all of this.