Sky is the Mama around here. My two boys, Captain Planet and Zorro, are her sons. She is a beautiful 36″ tall mare with two bright blue eyes. She has earned many blue ribbons in halter, obstacle and driving.


We used to drive her in many parades. She has been hanging around being a pasture pet and a mama the last several years so I am easing her back into driving shape. She had a few physical issues when I got her to my farm last spring. We worked very hard with Essential Oils and bodywork to get her back in shape. I’ve been feeding her Crypto Aero for a year and she is looking fantastic!


We spent the summer hiking and taking long walks. We did lots of ground driving until she was ready for the travois this spring.


It didn’t take too long for her to move up to the cart! I am so proud of her. She is a shining example of how well my driving program (outlined in my Step-By-Step Guide To Training A Miniature Horse To Drive book) works when done correctly!

Sky in harness with her Kingston Saddlery Easy Entry cart -


IMG_2029 Sky's pretty face. -