i am a homeschool mom, a horse lover, a wanna be writer and an avid reader. i love to learn and am constantly looking for more.

lightness part 2

lightness: n. 6. Delicacy or subtlety in craft, performance, or effect. billy has taught me just how much a horse understands and how often we spend our time YELLING at our horses.  “a horse can feel a fly land on them” is a common analogy told by horse people.  then we go out and YELL […]



lightness: n. 3. Ease or cheerfulness in manner or style. 4. Freedom from worry or trouble. 5. Lack of appropriate seriousness; levity. billy has taught me so much about being playful and silly.  i always thought horses were serious stuff, hard work.  there was very little room for laughter.  you must never let the horse […]


billy blaze comes into my life

my allergies had gotten worse.  i couldn’t get within 10 feet of a horse without having an asthma attack and feeling like plucking my itchy eyes right out.  it was awful.  i had gone almost a year without a horse and was paying for it.  what was i going to do? i was doing some […]