This page has links to all my blog posts about driving my horses. There is nothing more enjoyable to me than trotting along with my pony and cart. I think this stems from my younger days. I spent hours in carts with my Mom while she trained Shetland ponies to drive. I remember falling asleep to the sound of their hooves on the gravel. I still love watching how their hind feet work as they trot along. Many of my best memories have been spent behind a pony!

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Ground Driving – Step One

Travois – Step Two

Cantering with the Travois

The Cart – Step Three!

The Bridle

Let’s Talk Bits!

Arch Mouth Butterfly Bit

The Breast Collar

The Saddle


My Driving Book

My Driving Harness

New Comfy Fit Harness Parts!

How to Measure for a Harness

Miniature Horse Vehicles

Playing Around

How to Balance Your Easy Entry Cart

What can I do with my miniature horse?

Easyboot Mini Hoof Boot

Cavallo CLB vs Easyboot Mini

Sure Foot® Pads

Proper Driving – From Posture to Harnessing

How do I use my driving whip?

The Importance of Body Language

Fun on the Farm!

My One Horse Open Sleigh!

Winter Driving Tips

Sledding with Sky

Fitting a Driving Horse

Camping with Ponies

Open Bridle or Blinders?

Cart Drive in the Open Bridle

Boot Comparison

Gluing on Zorro’s 24/7 Boots

Mikey’s Boots – The Ultimate Jogging Shoe

The Hyperbike

Why the Hyperbike?

Me, Myself and Sky

Re-Training Mikey to Drive

Mikey’s First Hitch to the Cart!

Collars, Line of Draft, Balance of Draft