Ug. I hate that I have to have a page just for laminitis. But since it’s been the center of my life this spring, summer and fall, I thought I would gather all my posts together on one page that pertains to laminitis and founder. Bonnie still has so far to go before she would be considered sound and healthy. We take it one day at a time.

I love to watch her run and buck and play. I love to see her being a brat with the other horses and I love it when she is cheeky with me. All things that show me she is feeling better. The bright spark in her eyes tells me she is feeling good and she is coming up with naughty things to do!

So though I hope you aren’t here because you and your horse are going through this difficult journey too, I hope that something here will help or educate you further if you are. If your horse is healthy and happy I hope you can find things here that help you keep him that way!

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Sure Foot® Pads

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Boot Comparison

Paddock Paradise Track System

Laminar Wedge



Fall Founder

Winter Founder

Essential Oils for Laminitis

Pasture Analysis: What the what!?

Uggg… Bonnie Update


Bonnie’s Feed Program

Metabolic Horses

Bonnie Update 4/3/18

The Progression (and regression) of Bonnie’s Hooves…

Rest In Peace Bonnie