Natural Horsemanship

I primarily follow Parelli Natural Horsemanship. With Billy, my Curly Horse, I passed all the way through level 3 Online and Liberty and through level 2 Freestyle. In 2015 Billy and I traveled to Colorado and attended a week long course at the Parelli ranch. Many times over the last 5 or 6 years I have said “I wish I knew Parelli when I had __________ (insert horses name)!” I’m so lucky to have a second chance with my miniature horses.

I am enjoying watching and learning from my minis. They interact with each other and teach me so much. I have learned to read a horse more effectively over the years and now know when a horse is feeling unconfident or just unwilling. I am getting better at reading a horse that is frozen in fear versus one that is compliant and willing. (You would be surprised at how often these two things are mixed up! When you hear someone say their horse blew up out of no where that is most often because the horse was actually frozen in fear and they thought it was being compliant.)

Though I love Parelli I also read up on many other natural horsemanship instructors. I am fascinated with Anna Marciniak and One Horse Life. I enjoy reading and learning more about Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling and Frederic Pignon, one of the founders of Cavalia.

I think of myself as a student of the horse. Each one of my horses is my teacher and I am so blessed to have their patience and understanding.

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