Parelli Clinics

These posts are ones I shared after significant Parelli clinics that I have attended. It’s so amazing what you can learn when you get a little one-on-one with a high level instructor!

First Billy and I were honored to attend a clinic with 5 Star Parelli Instructor, David Lichman in August of 2013. He specializes in liberty training and gaited horses but Billy and I learned a lot from our weekend with him!


August – David Lichman clinic with my cousin Heather!

Friday Night

Saturday Part One

Saturday Part Two

Sunday Part One

Sunday Part Two

Sunday Part Three

Sunday Part Four

Sunday Part Five

In August of 2015 I was blessed with a gift from a dear friend. She had won a free week at the Parelli ranch. She could go by herself for two weeks or take a friend and go for one week. Lucky me she chose to share with a friend! Billy was a rock star during that week and we went from 15 rides to over 30 in just one short week. I was so proud of how he handled all the stress of travel, being a in a new place, being saddled and ridden twice a day, every day for 5 days and always meeting me at the gate with a smile on his face! It was a time I will never forget. I am looking forward to the time I can take Bonnie to the Parelli ranch and do a two week online and liberty course!


Level 3 Freestyle Horsemanship Orientation

Monday – Day One

Tuesday – Day Two

Wednesday – Day Three

Thursday – Day Four

Friday – Day Five