Nutrition and horses can be very confusing. It seems you can find information about grass on one website and then the exact opposite information on another! It gets so frustrating.

I have always tried to error on the side of nature. I let my horses tell me what works and what doesn’t. When I had Billy, my Curly Horse, he had skin issues and allergies. I spent hours studying and mixing his feed myself. I tried to stick to wholefoods and grass for his diet.

The minis are very easy keepers. It is important to me to keep them as natural as possible as well, forage 24/7 and wholefoods. I feed Crypto Aero Wholefood Horse Feed and have been incredibly happy with it! I don’t have to feed very much so my feed bill has dropped dramatically. I shop around and find hay that is older, or has been rained on after cutting, before baling, to ensure my hay is not too rich. Horses don’t need a high quality forage. To feed them forage 24/7 it’s best that the forage be low quality.

There are many articles out there that I rely on for my information. One of my favorite experts is Dr. Julie Getty. You can go to her website HERE.

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