This page has links to all my blog posts about driving my horses. There is nothing more enjoyable to me than trotting along with my pony and cart. I think this stems from my younger days. I spent hours in carts with my Mom while she trained Shetland ponies to drive. I remember falling asleep to the sound of their hooves on the gravel. I still love watching how their hind feet work as they trot along. Many of my best memories have been spent behind a pony!

Ground Driving – Step One

Travois – Step Two

Cantering with the Travois

The Cart – Step Three!

The Bridle

The Breast Collar

My Driving Book

My Driving Harness

Miniature Horse Vehicles

Suspension Kit!!!

What can I do with my miniature horse?

Easyboot Mini Hoof Boot

Cavallo CLB vs Easyboot Mini

Sure Foot® Pads

Proper Driving – From Posture to Harnessing

How to Determine What Length Shaft You Need For Your Miniature Horse Cart

How do I use my driving whip?

The Importance of Body Language

Fun on the Farm!