I for one am really looking forward to 2016. I’m so ready to leave 2015 in the dust.

Every year I sit down and do some unravelling of the year to help me have some understanding about the year that is leaving and to set some goals in the coming year. I also choose¬† a word that will help me stay on track and also inspire and encourage me throughout the year. (I do this instead of making new year resolutions… it’s a more positive way for me to stick to my goals.)

My word for 2015 was “Inspire.” The definition of Inspire is:


I loved that inspire meant to DO, FEEL or CREATE as well as to INHALE. It just seemed so beautiful… and, well, inspiring!

I put this word to great use in 2015. I traveled, more than I ever have! I went to San Jose CA for a Nerium conference and there I was VERY inspired to DO and FEEL. I came home on fire! I was blessed with a trip to Colorado, to Parelli land, with my dear friends Katrina and Corinne. Billy and I learned so much on that trip and we were inspired to DO and FEEL every day.

To have a word like “Inspire” means that you are very active. Going, doing, being every single day. I went like a whirlwind. I went and went so hard that I ended up breaking BOTH of my arms within 6 months of each other. I suppose that was a way for the Universe to tell me to SLOW DOWN! And of course I did not slow down much. Sure I had to rest after having surgery on my left arm (2 plates and 13 screws) and after breaking my right arm they dared to put me in a cast so that slowed me down some. But all I could think about was riding Billy and going, going, going!

I broke my left arm on April 1st and by the 1st of June I was riding Billy on the trails for the first time!


We went to Colorado in August were I rode Billy twice a day for a week! It was in Colorado that Billy passed the 20 rides mark.


In between those two mile stones we did lots and lots of hiking and obstacle training!



It’s been a great 2015, but I have to admit that I need a break! I chose a DOING word for 2015 and boy did I fulfill it! So for 2016 I’m choosing a quieter word. I’m choosing a more peaceful word that will hopefully support my journey to finding and understanding myself on a deeper level, which will support my journey with Billy on a deeper level as well. I chose “Calm” as my word for 2016.


And because I couldn’t choose between the two I am also going to be using “Harmony.” Both calm and harmony mean tranquility and I really love that. Harmony brings to the table, “Balance” and I love the thought of feeling calm and in balance with myself, Billy and the Universe.

So goodbye 2015 and Welcome 2016!! May you bring peace, harmony and calmness to my life.