This is the time of year I like to look over my tack. These past few years that has meant checking over my ropes and halters and washing them. When I added a saddle, I took the time to look over all the parts of the saddle, cleaning and repairing anything that looked like it would give me trouble.

Now that I am adding miniature horses to my life again, it’s time to check over the cart and harness!


This cart has been sitting for quite a few years so was in need of some TLC. Mostly cleaning and polishing. I was surprised to find a few nuts missing and quite a few loose.


The tires were flat, but are holding air fine so I’m glad I don’t need to buy new inner tubes! I threw the cart cover into the washing machine and then let it air dry. After putting all that time into cleaning the cart I didn’t want to put a dirty cover on it!


I want to point out that the proper way to store your cart is to tip it back, with the shafts pointing up to the sky. If you store it with the shafts down on the ground you can warp (if the shafts are wood) or bend (if the shafts are metal) the shafts. Proper storage is key to making your cart life longer.

I also looked over the harness. I removed parts I won’t need, i.e. the side check and then checked every part of the harness for worn or loose stitching. I took every piece of it apart and thoroughly washed and scrubbed and oiled them.


I even took the metal to the sink and scrubbed the bit and the decorative brass pieces. Then I put it all back together and hung it in it’s harness bag. I love cleaning tack so this job is a way for me to relax and unwind.


Everything is ready for the driving to begin! I’m so excited to be jumping back into this world again! I can hardly wait to get all my ponies home…