Scratches can be very painful for the horse it effects. It usually shows up in the wetter seasons of the year… for those of you in rainy climates you may battle scratches most of the year!

Scratches, mud fever or greasy heel are just a few names for this annoying skin condition.

Different degrees of scratches.

Scratches is caused by a variety of skin conditions including viral, bacterial, fungal, or parasitic infections. Horses in excessively wet or muddy environments are at greater risk of getting scratches.  -The

To avoid getting scratches you can keep your horse out of muddy situations, (HA! Like that is possible in some of our climates!) keep your horses boots and wraps clean, and if you detect irritated, flaky or red skin begin treating it immediately!

To treat you may have to clip the affected area. This will help it dry out as well as help you see what you are doing. Then you can wash the area with some Thieves Household Cleaner. Afterwards you can layer on (any 3-4 oils at a time):

To help get the inflammation down you can apply Animal Scents Ointment after you apply the oils to seal in them in and help them do their job. But once the inflammation is down, I wouldn’t put anymore Animal Scents Ointment on because you want the scratches to dry out.

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