sunday part two

later that day when we got our horses david had us preparing for liberty close up circles.  this had me processing quite a bit.  it seemed like a simple process, but was actually quite difficult to teach.  both billy and i go RBI when we are learning.  so here i was learning a new technique […]

sunday part one

on sunday we gathered as a group first thing and had the pleasure of watching an animal training video that david made with one of his mentors, Jenifer Zeligs.  she works in CA at Mosslanding Marine Labs with sea lions and is doing amazing things with them! afterwards we had a question and answer session.  […]

friday night

we arrived in absarokee montana after a long hot drive across western montana.  it was a very hot day, therefor hot in the horse trailer, but billy handled the whole thing like a pro!  he was eager to get in the trailer and very calm and quiet about unloading after nearly 5 hours IN the […]