i have recently been blessed with the chance to help a friend help her horse, who was diagnosed with EPM last summer.

estella is a gorgeous, young, vibrant, warmblood mare that my friend, emily, spent many hours/days/years dreaming about.

she put so much time and effort into finding her perfect partner, picked her out, brought her home, put countless hours into her mental and physical development, only to be told that her precious partner is sick.  i think we can all understand, this was heartbreaking for emily.

you can read her story over at From the Horse’s Mouth.

emily and i chat regularly on facebook so i had been following estella’s progress closely.  we would chat about nutrition, as i have been on the search for anything and everything that will boost billy’s immune system and help with the “itchies” as we call them here.  of course Young Living Essential Oils came up often in our chats.  emily was a hard sell as she is a scientist through and through however, she ran across a wonderfully written article that explained some of the benefits of essential oils.

“Essential oils have the same function in the plant as blood has to the human…
Oils serve as the defense system in plants. These oils oxygenate the plant and carry nutrients, vital elements and chemical constituents to every cell in the plant.

They contain each of the plant’s healing nutrients including trace minerals, vitamins, hormones, amino acid precursors and other components. They give the plant the ability to destroy infections, stave off infestations, initiate and maintain growth and repair structural damage. The essential oil of the plant is literally the life force of the plant.”

the article went on to say,

“When essential oils are applied to human skin, they carry the same healing force as they do to the plant.”

really it is such a great article, maybe you should just go read it yourself!  the explanation of essential oils and how they help our bodies fight infection is quite well written.


emily decided to try the oils!  yay!  i am so happy and excited for both emily and estella.

emily and i worked together and laid out a short term plan, a “redneck raindrop” that would start estella down her path of mending using the essential oils.

** don’t get me wrong.  emily is doing EVERYTHING to help her horse.  you should see her feed program!!!  plus estella has had one round of Toltrazuil (Baycox) and one round of the EPM medicine, Orogin (Oroquin-10). **

we started slow and easy with:

– 1 drop of Valor on each of estella’s heel bulbs, rubbed in and then vita flex around the coronet band.  often called “chiropractor in a bottle” Valor is known for it’s balancing properties.

– 6 drops of Lemon down estella’s spine, from tail dock to withers, then emily will cat scratch that in.  Lemon is known to be a powerful antioxidant.

– 6 drops of Frankincense down the spine, from tail dock to withers, cat scratched in.  Frankincense is well known as an oil that can help focus the mind and overcome stress.

– 8 drops of Purification down the spine, from tail dock to withers, cat scratched in.  as it’s name suggests Purification is used to help purify.

– 4 drops of Thieves on estella’s poll, rubbed in clockwise.  Thieves was university tested for its cleansing abilities. It is highly effective in supporting the immune system and good health.

that’s it!  easy peasy!


emily did the Valor on the heel bulbs, lots of licking and chewing.  then she moved to the Lemon and the Frankincense on the spine.  so far so good!  estella was smelling each oil before they were applied and showed no adverse responses to them.  she was licking and chewing and showing positive releases.

next was Purification.  emily dropped it down estella’s spine and began cat scratching it in.  estella swung her butt a little bit and lifted her tail to side.  emily thought, “oh it’s feeling itchy!” and kept up the cat scratching.  then all H-E-L-L broke loose!  it became clear to emily that estella wanted to roll.  she was attempting while still in the bath rack, which clearly would not work.  so emily quickly unclipped her and hurried her to the indoor arena, where she turned her loose and estella dropped to roll and roll, she hopped up and took off bucking and running around the arena!

i’m sure you are thinking what i was thinking,  WHAT!?  followed immediately by HOW SCARY!!!

i felt especially bad because this was both emily’s first time using the oils and estella’s first introduction TO the oils.  eeeek!

i called my aunt and told her what happened as none of the oils emily was using are considered “hot” oils.  therefor a reaction of this type seemed even more interesting, (from my stand point mostly because i know the oils won’t cause any harm to estella and also because it wasn’t happening to my horse!)    my aunt shared something interesting with me… Purification is used to pull out toxins, venom (both spider and RATTLESNAKE) and other foreign entities in the body.

how interesting.  EPM lives in the horse’s spinal cord.  it is a foreign entity in the horse’s system.  therefore the Purification went straight to work and began to pull that out!  of course this was very uncomfortable for estella who can not voice what is happening in her body before she has to tell emily in any way she can.  i’m so grateful that emily is so in tune to estella that she recognized this for what it was: estella telling her to let her roll, itch and scratch that feeling away!

i felt absolutely horrible because i had neglected to tell emily to always have some olive/coconut oil around when applying the oils.  if there is a release of this magnitude, it is imperative that you have some oil, V-6 Carrier oil, coconut oil, olive oil, to cut the effects of the essential oil.  thank goodness emily didn’t try to hose estella down with cold water as this acts as a driver and PUSHES the oils in deeper.  in my opinion emily did exactly what she should have!  she stopped the raindrop and allowed estella some time in the indoor arena to run around, roll and work out what was happening in her body.

together we have worked out another plan.  THIS time emily will cut the Purification with some coconut oil before applying it to estella’s spine.  then she will be very vigilant in watching estella for any signs that the oil is getting uncomfortable so she can add more coconut oil as needed.  we chose coconut oil for this because it is itself antibacterial so will the perfect combination for estella’s sensitive spinal area.

she will also cut the Thieves oil with some coconut oil before applying it to estella’s poll.

i felt this was a perfect story to share because it has a lesson for everyone.  just because an oil works one way for you or your horse does not mean it will behave that way with everyone.  we are all made of up of different electrical impulses, therefor the oils will work differently on each of us.  it’s important to consider exactly what we are wanting the oils to do for our horse and then work toward that goal, watching to see how our horses are responding and adjusting our methods accordingly.

i had no idea that Purification would behave that way for estella, but now that we know we will always take special precautions to ensure that she doesn’t have to react that way.  especially when emily prepares to do the full Raindrop Technique on her.  we will put our heads together and work out a plan that will give estella all the benefits of the Raindrop without her feeling the need to throw herself down in the wash rack!

i think estella will thank us!