We have making so much progress in our sessions! Today Sky, the little mama, did so great on our ground drive. She does very well as long as we are moving, but when we stop, she melts down into a temper tantrum. Today she was digging and digging and digging and when that didn’t work she started rearing! Once we worked out that little tantrum, I just had her move her feet whenever she wanted to. When she would start to slow down and look to me, I would have her move a little bit more, just to test our connection, then I would bring her in. Then off we would walk. She falls apart emotionally when we turn towards home, but is great when we are leaving. As soon as we turn towards home she is whinnying and calling for her baby and trying to drag me or run me over or muscle me in the direction she wants to go, which funnily enough is sometimes not the way to get home! I just keep her feet moving and do lots of pattern interrupt until she can connect again. Her connection time is getting better and longer. We do not go very far from home right now because she is not ready. We are just right outside the property on the public road for now, but we will get there.


Captain Planet has improved by leaps and bounds. He leaves the farm without any calling for Sky or Zorro and doesn’t even look back as we go down the road. We play point-to-point to encourage him to put his head down. I have also taught him the head down cue so when I need him to relax I’ll ask him to put his head down. He will immediately blow out, lick and chew and reconnect when I do this. He is doing so awesome. We take lots of sit-down-eat-grass-breaks to reward him. He doesn’t like to be touched or petted, so scratches are not a reward.


Zorro can hardly wait for his turn. When I get back to the dry lot he is waiting at the gate,  he stands quietly while I get a halter and walk in to get him. Today he actually put his nose in the halter all by himself. I LOVE this colt!  I spent some time brushing him and then we wandered all around the farm yard, checking out the horse trailer, the hay stack and seeing what Billy was up to. Sky will call a little bit but Zorro doesn’t even glance that way. I let him lead us around today and we just checked out lots of things that he hasn’t wanted to even look at before. He’s so brave and confident. And handsome.