Short & Sweet

Tonight Bonnie and I had a lovely play session. It was short and sweet, just the way we like them! I focused on staying very calm and centered in my body first and foremost. I’ve noticed that Bonnie really doesn’t like to be touched so I figured the Friendly Game was a good place to […]


We have making so much progress in our sessions! Today Sky, the little mama, did so great on our ground drive. She does very well as long as we are moving, but when we stop, she melts down into a temper tantrum. Today she was digging and digging and digging and when that didn’t work […]


After sharing my day-to-day experience of the Parelli Campus I wanted to share some of my inner feelings about being there. I was absolutely amazed at how the instructors of our course met each and every person participating, right where they were. It was a level 3 Freestyle course and yet a few people slipped […]

Thursday- Day Four

Classroom Theory: The Bow Tie Pattern is meant to be a pattern of relaxation. The disengagement really helps horses that are impulsive. Relaxation Sets up hind quarters for correct lead depart. Helps with mobility, yielding. It’s important not to lose forward motion during the Bow Tie pattern. After some classroom time we headed out to […]