i think i’ve found the key to happiness:

slowing down.

don’t be in a hurry.

do things slowly, so you don’t miss anything.

i have goals.  but i’m in no hurry to accomplish them.  i know i will.  i also know it doesn’t have to be tomorrow that all my dreams come true.

since i have discovered this, billy has calmed down and become more centered.

i’ve become more grounded.

hmmm.  your horse is your mirror?  i think so.

the puppy has been a huge help in this as he is so excited to see EVERYTHING.  in order to do that you have to slow down or you might miss that smell in the tall grass or the jack rabbit sprinting across the field.

he needs to be walked every day.  no matter what else is going on, if i don’t walk him i pay later in the evening.  he doesn’t have to be walked fast.  he just wants to get out and move.  i figure it’s actually the QUANTITY of the walk in this instance.  the more we walk, the better he does.  he gets tired.  i get tired and at the same time my body is getting stronger.  i’ve lost several inches in my hips, legs and waist.  we log more than 2 1/2 miles a day.  some days we go close to 6 miles on our walks.

i have let go of the feeling of guilt that i’m not taking billy.  he is too unpredictable around the puppy so can not accompany us… yet.  the time will come and i will choose to take each day as they come and look fondly into the future, but not speed to get there.

everyone at my house is grateful.  especially me.