I mentioned the fact that I have been building Billy’s topline with a few simple exercises in my before and after post. I thought I would share them!

These are the simple things I started with.


This is ALL I did to start changing his topline.


One thing I did was set up a blue barrel with a cookie on top. Then I would back him to the barrel and he could eat the cookie!

To help him with lowering his head while backing, I put a cooking on a cone and backed him to the cone, where he could just pick the cookie up without having to lift his head.


Later I added in hill therapy. But not until he was stronger from these simple exercises.

It’s completely amazing how the simple, little things can make such a big difference, when done on a regular basis.

Please do use your common sense. I NEVER used backing as a punishment and I never backed him very far at one time. This could be very damaging to a horse, so please be careful.

Remember to keep it light and fun!