Progressing in your Horsemanship
Progressing in your Horsemanship

Something I’ve noticed in the Parelli program are students that don’t progress. People often come to the program because they have a difficult horse. They start at one point in the process, get some tools, have some breakthroughs and then don’t ask for more – of themselves or their horse. The horse may have come into the program an extreme Right Brained Extrovert but as it gains confidence, it will start to become more centered. But the human still thinks of them as an RBE and treats them as such. Keeping both themselves and their horse in that tiny little spot on the horsenality chart.

I see people stuck in level 2, not progressing because they are afraid to scare their horse.

The name of the game is progress. Progress comes in the simplest of forms.

It can be a simple friendly game in which you up the anti. Progress further. Just how friendly can you get your horse with an umbrella?

Be imaginative! Throw things on the ground. Stumble around like a drunk person. Note how your horse handles this and then PROGRESS. Help your horse get brave. Help him move past his fears to that space where he feels safe -where he can see you as an effective leader. Use your imagination and the imaginations of your friends!

In one Savvy Club DVD (Issue 74: Calm, Connected and Responsive – Extroverts – Online) I heard Linda Parelli say that many many people have not won the friendly game. They can play it with their stick and string and maybe they can touch the horse all over. Maybe. But they don’t progress the friendly game beyond that. Then they wonder why their horse is always so nervous.

Pay attention to how your horse feels about the situations you are putting him in and then balance your friendly game! The friendly game can always be expanded on. There is always one more thing you can try, test your horses confidence and then help him gain even more.

Progress is the name of the game. Don’t get stuck in the mud! And don’t blame the Parelli program (or your instructor or you HORSE!) when you don’t progress. It’s completely up to you.