Hill Therapy

Watching Zorro over these past three months, as we have started really working on ground driving, I decided it was time to do his first round of Hill Therapy.  Zorro was disconnected when he walked. His hind end and front end were constantly doing different things. He would drag himself up hills by his front […]

Our Hike

We went on a beautiful morning hike today. I brought Sky and Zorro. I’ve hiked with Sky around our house and into BLM but we haven’t been able to go up into the mountains until today. And Sky is a hiking MACHINE!!! She absolutely LOVED it. Zorro, on the other hand, looked pretty miserable until […]

Bath Day!

We had a beautiful day today. Lots of sunshine, a little rain and temps soaring into the high 70’s low 80’s. The perfect day for bath day! I caught all 5 ponies and they practiced patience while being tied. First I trimmed all of their feet (except Bonnie! I just trimmed her two days ago), […]

A Journey

While the weather outside is frigid, freezing and many days, howling with wind, I sit inside and think about my 2017 journey – what I want to accomplish, how I want it to feel, how I want my horses to feel. Some days I feel completely overwhelmed with just the thought of what I want […]